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Pamela Rajkowski was born of Polish parents and educated in Catholic primary and secondary schools in Adelaide, South Australia, after which she studied to become a secondary school teacher at Flinders University and Sturt College of Advanced Education. She has taught History, Geography, English, Social Studies and Health Education.


Pamela started researh on Australian Afghan Cameleers in 1979. During the 1980s,  she travelled extensively across Australia  to research, interview and visit places relevant to the history of the Australia Afghan Cameleers.  


During this research, Pamela was able to locate and connect with the descendants which had brought outback and city communities together.


The most shocking outcome of her research was the discover of files of the forced removal of " half -cast children from their families" as part of the planned genocide of the Aboriginal people of Western Australia. That these files ( and the ongoing monitoring of Australians)  remained active until the 1970s still shocks Pamela today.


These children are now referred to as the Stolen Generation.



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